Come, imagine what could be ...

“Perhaps imagination is not where we go to escape reality, but where we go to remember it.”

Hi, I'm Hannah!

My goal as a photographer is to portray the human condition and capture the everyday realness of people! 


meet you where you’re at, offering you a space to represent your authentic self and inner spirit.

behind my eyes

Originally from Vancouver, BC, I moved to Montreal to pursue photography. I have always found solace in the arts, and I originally turned to photography as a form of self-expression while struggling with hard times, but I have since found it to be a great way to express the joy in life as well.

Through photography,  previously hidden struggles can be made visible, to help you feel seen and inspire healing. It can also, of course, be a wonderful way to capture meaningful moments in life for you to look back on.


I value collaboration and getting to know you. I look forward to working with you!

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