behind my eyes

Originally from Vancouver, BC, I moved to Montreal to pursue photography. I have always found solace in dance, music, written and painted works, and photography. I originally turned to photography as a form of self-expression and coping while struggling with depression.

Through photography, I was able to transform something intangible, like depression, into something tangible. It helped me feel seen, if only by myself, and start my healing journey. I realized that I wanted to offer others this experience as well, and so my photography journey was born.

i see everything as a spectrum.

It can be hard existing in a polarized world.

“Right and wrong”, “proper and improper”, “healthy and unhealthy”, “normal and abnormal”, etc.

I find rather than polarizing everything to understand it, it is much easier to see everything as a spectrum.

It makes room for everything between those polar concepts, which is a lot. It allows me to embrace people for who they are, without expectation and with acceptance.

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