Come, imagine what could be ...

“Perhaps imagination is not where we go to escape reality, but where we go to remember it.”

Hi, I'm Hannah!

My goal as a photographer is to portray the human condition and meet you where you’re at, providing you an opportunity to shed societal expectations and be your authentic self.


Some themes in my work include romantic relationships, gender identity, artistic nudity, mental illness, life passions, and relationships with nature. I photograph the everyday realness of people.


I don’t care for social conventions like “men should be strong” and “women should be beautiful”. I welcome everyone, and believe that anyone can be beautiful, strong, and so much more.


I’d love to work with you to represent your unique self and your inner spirit, whether that be through representing your:

joys, passions, or achievements

pains, struggles, or losses

identity, in all its forms

love, for yourself, for others, for the world


I value collaboration and getting to know you. My mission is to help you feel safe, guided, and seen.

LGBTQ+ friendly

poly friendly

nudity friendly

kink friendly

have questions?

contact me at: